Najah Success Sdn Bhd (Analysis business) is the SME project for the first private company in Malaysia fully specialized in services and consulting for crop management. Najah Success Sdn Bhd activities will be dedicated to the First Offer Installment APP project in Malaysia its large scale and the company will offer an all-inclusive service going from the problem identification to the solution application (treatment) based on fast analysis and consulting.

Facilities / Services and Products

    Najah Success Sdn Bhd will make a revolution in the marketing sector by the range of services that it will offer to customers going from problem identification to the supply of appropriate solutions permitting a real time management of your business. The company provides solutions that meet all the customers needs focusing on the decrease in costs/risks production. For example, the aim Najah Success Sdn Bhd to provide all the expertise and the solution for the reduction of the business marketing and APP developer while keeping revenues high for producers Najah Success Sdn Bhd will be active in the certification service for the introduction of new APP marketing. Therefore, our principal services will be focused on :-
  • Business Management Consultancy Service
  • Business Support Service Activities Business And Other Applications
  • Hosting And Related Activities Web Portals or App
  • Development of Social Sciences And Humanities
  • Software Publishing
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Processing
  • Profession Provider Teaching Class
  • Activities of Membership Organizations

Company Mission & Vision

We have envision our goal and mission in the best interest of our clients!

Our Mission

Najah helps people learn knowledge about earning money and provides cooperation platform for stakeholders.

Our Vision

Najah also create a platform that enables everybody to do their business domestically or international.

What We Do

If you don’t have the slightest of idea of what our company do , spare a bit of time to know a thing or two about us!

We create a premium digital experience for you and your customers

Whether it’s a bespoke B2B e-commerce site or an online brochure to promote your business, our suite of web design services will bring maximum return on investment with minimum hassle for your business.

Why Us?

Building successful apps! We wake up in the morning to create apps that people will use, apps that make money, apps that top the charts.

We love digital because it's measurable and effective

We love stunning and creative – but it has to be effective and it has to be measurable. As a full service digital agency we provide a fully integrated offering – creative, technical and strategic.


We are committed to collaboration with joint venture company to deliver business value to our stakeholders.


We strive to serve everyone with respect and provide quality advice.

Skill Enhancement

We are encouraging everyone to enhance their competencies, such as skill in order to promote their idea creativity quality and innovations.


We are being honest and having strong moral principles to consist ethical standard.

The things you need to know about us!

– We Are Creative & Special Team competencies before integrated platforms.

– We are smart digital people speaking your language.

– We have a transparent project process with clear deliverable, which our clients love (read more on our web design process). We always try to be open, fair and honest and never blind you with technical jargon or meaningless buzzwords.

Industry Focus


The most successful apps aren’t created because businesses had a channel to fill, but because there was an opportunity to optimize a process. If this your company’s first app, the key is not to overthink what it needs to do: Apps are best when they serve a single purpose. You don’t need an app does everything or has an eternal lifespan, but instead you must identify a short- or long-term purpose and determine how best to get there.

Check out these 3 example of business problems solved by apps:
The Problem: The company is growing fast and we need to keep employees connected.
Answer: A staff directory app with messaging.
The Problem: Email newsletters/blogs aren’t getting enough readership.
Answer: A topic-specific app that alerts users when there’s new content relevant to them.
The Problem: Customer complain that you could be more innovative.
Answer: A customer support app where they can access their information and get in touch with the company instantly.


  • Smartphone addicts
  • Check their phone often​
  • Love your content, often ask you more​
  • Demand seasonal offers
  • Demand Seasonal event invitations
  • Demand Seasonal time-limited
  • Demand Seasonal loyalty opportunities
  • Wanted above-and-beyond customer service from you 
  • If it does, then you audience is a perfect fit for an app

You know what exactly what will keep your audience coming back to the app

If you have an app idea and know exactly what will keep people coming back, you’ve won half the battle. Build that app immediately. Consider this: A large business implemented  an internal communications app with news, announcements and, secondarily, the company cafeteria’s menu for the day. It turns out that the menu was the feature that kept most of the people coming back. The company did the clever thing and adjusted the app to show snapshots of internal news at the bottom of the menu, which increased engagement.

You want to be seen as innovative and cutting-edge​

Very few things say "innovative" louder than companies going "mobile-first". Using apps shows that you business is willing to innovate, rather than stick with the norm

For example, your clients would probably be impressed if you started using tablets for meetings. They might expect you to use Power Point or printed materials, so they would notice if you take a fresher approach  like Apple.

Nothing springs innovation faster than the competition adopting new technologies. The more the technology grows, the more you're going to get questions and request from stakeholders. It might sound obvious, but the most people in large companies strongly believe that enterprise mobiles apps drive competitive advantage.

With apps, it's an easy win: You are no longer the cost and time sucking format that you used to be. For example advertising your cafe business : No long needed printing cost, Hiring part-timer for flyers, banners.

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