Najah's Features

Get our amazing features to create your desire website or mobile apps that can keep your users engaged and coming back for more.

App Features

BASIC Features


Product are under respective categories folder. Each categories has a product inside.


Contact page/information about the company and social media.


You will able to sell your product from one or several store.


You can add your facebook page in your app.


File is a unit that contain custom page as a sub-unit.

Food Menu

Is a set that was given with certain amount of product/service for a certain amount of price.


Users can send relevant information through your company.


Allows you to insert picture through Picasa, Instagram, Flickr or upload it yourself.

Info Page

You can type anthing such as information about your bussiness or website link.


Allows you to add a link within your app.


Send your information, photos, etc and get your users engage with you.


A small description that can be reach to your clients at any given time and place.

Privacy Policy

Set specific content on your site to privacy.

QR Scanner

Allow you to scan a code through your camera.Use to detect QR Code, Coupons and Discount Sale.


If you have any advertising slot on the radio, you can create your own radio inside the website.

Social Platform

You can set near users by setting the radius (in km)

Source Code

A certain code that is design by the programmer for the website to run properly.


Add a touch of multimedia within your app such as Youtube, Vimeo.


If it’s only use once, must have a deadline/or unlimited.


Features for RM30.00

Advanced Lock

Use for admin of the website to lock some content or features.

Advanced Member Card

Allows you to launch marketing campign to reward your loyalty customer.

Advanced Social-Platform

A platform for your client/customer to leave feedback or comments where you can manage it online.


Allows apps client to refer their friend and get reward on it.

Intermediate Form

Allows you to collect data.


Similar to link, but it allows you to add more links within your app.

For the member of the website such as creating a member account.

Member Card

Allows you to launch a member card for program and reward your customers as they buy from you.

Multi Pin

The pin point of a certain area/building, location and address.


A profile is page after sign-up to make mandatory for customer to fill in at least required field mentioned.

QR Voucher

Discount that you create through coupons for a limited time/amount.


Reservation that can be made from Monday to Sunday.

Features for RM50.00


You will be able to create your own classifieds ads platform for your customer.

Advanced Form

Users can send relevant information through your company and more foward.

Advanced Notification

Requires little configuration the first step should be to make the feature not available.

Advanced Reservation

Consist of advance information for reservation.


Where you will receive feedback, opinion and comments through chatroom.


You can add donation platform for donate by supports stripe, 2Checkout and PayPal payment gateway.


Customers can ask any question and answers activity in here.


General is you show that you are hiring people, who to contact, and how far is your search radius.


You will create the questions of the quiz and make more attract customers.

Scratch card

A card that contain a certain value that is given to the clients after spending more than a certain price that was set upon.


Allows you to create complete surveys in order to collect information and feedback from users.

Vip Card

Consist of 3 categories, silver, gold and premium.You be able to change the details and description to your liking.