Company's Profile

KOPERASI AL-NAJAH (K.L) BERHAD (Registration No : 2019-7150-1088) is an SME project for the first private company in Malaysia. We are the business analytics and intelligence company with our company activities mainly dedicated to the “First Offer Installment App” project in Malaysia. Running at large scale, we offer an all-inclusive service going from problem identification to solution application (treatment) based on FAST analysis and consultation. The assets of our company consist of a well-established informatics platform, which allows our customers to monitor their field in real time to prevent production losses by intervening quickly and confidently at the early stage of the problem occurring, conveniently with a mobile phone application (App). With the App, they can receive analysis results and take action quickly and confidently. On our web platform, they can efficiently obtain all the required information for crop management, marketing data, e-marketing, information on classes taught by professional, learning platform development stages, etc.

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