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Najah Alert Box

An alert message / text that will pop out on the page.Commonly use for announcement.

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Najah Banner

Advertise your logo or product. Allows you to have description regarding the item of your banner.

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Najah Behance Feed

A hover which consist a clickable hover for each and every picture that act as a button.

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Najah Blog

Create a blog page where your clients be able to use to interact and give feedback about your product.

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Najah Button

Clickable button that can be use as a link to a new page/product or service. Use as an information button as well.

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Najah Content Switcher

Consist of 2 content that switch using a switch button to show the description if each content.

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Najah Carousel

It consists of a few or more slide where you can advertise/detail about the product or service. Can be edited with picture and description.

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Najah Chart

A chart where you can change the layout and to see the progress of your company throughout a certain period of time.

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Najah Countdown

It works as a dateline countdown that include months, days, hours and minutes which can be change.

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Najah Divider

A divider that have a feature of an icon/text/image that can be put in the middle of the line.

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Najah Dual Heading

Act as a dual heading which can be design differently on each header.

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Najah Facebook Feed

Any post or announcement you have made through Facebook will come out here as well.

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Najah Facebook Review

Reviews that have been made on Facebook will come out here.

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Najah Fancy Text

Fancy text is a font changer that can convert normal text to different font and style.

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Najah Flip Box

A flip box that consist of two side that flips when the mouse cursor is move on it. It flips from front to the back.

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Najah Google Review

Same as Facebook review, every review that have been made on Google will show it here.

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Najah Grid

It consists of different category, different style of grid and columns, and able to insert image as well.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-18

Najah Hotspots

A picture will bet set in the background, icon/image (optional) can be inserted on top of the background image.

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Najah Icon Box

A premium icon box which the icon type can change into custom page meaning you can have extra features on the icon box.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-20

Najah iHover

A hover that covers over the content. You can use a picture or an icon.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-21

Najah Image Button

An image separator that act as a border for your picture.Picture can be adjusted to be at the top or at the bottom of the line.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-22

Najah Image Comparison

Use as a comparing mechanism between the product/service to let the client know which one is better and more to their liking.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-23

Najah Image Layers

Layers of image can be shown but does not stack on top of each other.Can be use to promote your product / service through images.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-24

Najah Image Seperator

An image separator that act as a border for your picture.Picture can be adjusted to be at the top or at the bottom of the line.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-25

Najah Instagram Feed

A column of picture that can be adjusted using the number of images you that you insert.To have more feel of the modern era.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-26

Najah Magic Section

An off-grid widget that allows you to show and Elemantor section off-grid by clicking on a trigger.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-27

Najah Map​

Works as a map navigation to pin point where the building is located.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-28

Najah Messenger Chat

It provide a platform for your customer/client to communicate with you directly.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-29

Najah Modal Box

The content of description is inside the title box where you can put additional info.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-30

Najah Multi-Scroll

The text/description will align in a vertical line that you will have scroll down to see the next text/description.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-31

Najah Person

Act as profile widget  for your employees. Easily to design with images, name, job title, description and any social media.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-32

Najah Preview Window

Consist of 2 image, first image act as a trigger image for the second image to appear.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-33

Najah Pricing Table

Pricing table that you can use to offer your best product/service with the same price and depends on your item to offer.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-34

Najah Progress Bar

To show the progress or achievement you have made during a certain period of time that was given.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-35

Najah Social Counter

It will show your social followers, likes and share in the website.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-36

Najah Table

The text/description and the column can be adjusted to your liking.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-38

Najah Tabs

Include clickable tabs that show different description when click on it.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-39

Najah Testimonial

Uses a direct quote from your employees/workers or yourself to be use on the website.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor2-39

Najah Title

Is a premium widget that provides the ability to change the style, title and add on an icon.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-41

Najah Unfold

A text/message/description that have been unfold into a clickable button that will show more of it.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-42

Najah Vertical Scroll

A vertical scroll that allow you to put additional info in a single vertical line.

Icon Najah Elrmrntor-43

Najah Video Box

A video box that uses Youtube/Vimeo that is link through and ID/embed URL.

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