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Najah Application Platform (N.A.P.) is the computer and/or tablet and/or smartphone application. N.A.P. is a software created to provide a platform for user to create, customized and personalize content management system (CMS) for users’ business. N.A.P. Is an essential tool that designed to deliver on your marketing goals, help you work faster, modify anything without code, customizable features and content to reduce go-to-market time to enable you can get on with business. Start streamlining your business through our N.A.P.If you want to be our distributor with our easy payment plan (EPP), you have to pay extra RM 600 which included Saham fee and Maintenance fee.

Term & Conditions

1.  N.A.P Easy Payment Plan (EPP) program only open to MEMBER of Koperasi Al-Najah (KL) Berhad.

2. N.A.P EPP installment payment tenure is 6 MONTHS .

3. Apple store fee at your own discretion.

4. Term & Conditions Apply .

Click the “Contact us” below to contact us , if you need the N.A.P Easy Payment Plan.

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