Create Your APPS

without Coding

What is N.A.P?

Najah Application Platform (N.A.P) is the computer and/or tablets and/or smartphone applications developer for the software Najah Apps Platform which is also known as N.A.P, N.A.P is a software created to provide a platform for users to create, customised and personalise content management systems (CMS) for users’ businesses.
N.A.P enables D.I.Y managers and other decision makers to identify and resolve issues more quickly, watch out for trends that affect their businesses, and make data-driven predictions and strategies to achieve a competitive advantage in their industry through our N.A.P platfrom. They’re a powerful modern-day tool to get the job done better, and faster, with less manual work.

How it works?


1. Request Service​​

Get 1 card and 1 pendrive to login for do your APP


2. Create Design​

Refer tutorial at pendrive and do your design


3. Publish Design​​

Publish design at website and phone

Product Overview​

1. Wireless Charger

2. Brand Logo (KOSMAS)


4. Product Manual of Book

5. Application Guidebook


3. USB Pendrive

-Guidebook (Basic & Platinum)

-Tutorial Video,

-NAP Login System

-ID & Password Code

-Privacy Policy & Term and Conditions


6. USB Charger Wire

7. Android USB Cable

8. Type C USB Cable

9. Iphone USB Cable

10. Power Switch and Battery Capacity

The N.A.P product will including

Free 2 hours Lesson class for N.A.P

App Publication Extra charge for (IOS)

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