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Web Features

Najah Alert Box

An alert message / text that will pop out on the page.Commonly use for announcement.

Najah Banner

Advertise your logo or product. Allows you to have description regarding the item of your banner.

Najah Behance Feed

A hover which consist a clickable hover for each and every picture that act as a button.

Najah Blog

Create a blog page where your clients be able to use to interact and give feedback about your product.

Najah Button

Clickable button that can be use as a link to a new page/product or service. Use as an information button as well.

Najah Content Switcher

Consist of 2 content that switch using a switch button to show the description if each content.

Najah Carousel

It consists of a few or more slide where you can advertise/detail about the product or service. Can be edited with picture and description.

Najah Chart

A chart where you can change the layout and to see the progress of your company throughout a certain period of time.

Najah Countdown

It works as a dateline countdown that include months, days, hours and minutes which can be change.

Najah Divider

A divider that have a feature of an icon/text/image that can be put in the middle of the line.

Najah Dual Heading

Act as a dual heading which can be design differently on each header.

Najah Facebook Feed

Any post or announcement you have made through Facebook will come out here as well.

Najah Facebook Review

Reviews that have been made on Facebook will come out here.

Najah Fancy Text

Fancy text is a font changer that can convert normal text to different font and style.

Najah Flip Box

A flip box that consist of two side that flips when the mouse cursor is move on it. It flips from front to the back.

Najah Google Review

Same as Facebook review, every review that have been made on Google will show it here.

Najah Grid

It consists of different category, different style of grid and columns, and able to insert image as well.

Najah Hotspots

A picture will bet set in the background, icon/image (optional) can be inserted on top of the background image.

Najah Icon Box

A premium icon box which the icon type can change into custom page meaning you can have extra features on the icon box.

Najah iHover

A hover that covers over the content. You can use a picture or an icon.

Najah Image Button

An image separator that act as a border for your picture.Picture can be adjusted to be at the top or at the bottom of the line.

Najah Image Comparison

Use as a comparing mechanism between the product/service to let the client know which one is better and more to their liking.

Najah Image Layers

Layers of image can be shown but does not stack on top of each other.Can be use to promote your product / service through images.

Najah Image Seperator

An image separator that act as a border for your picture.Picture can be adjusted to be at the top or at the bottom of the line.

Najah Instagram Feed

A column of picture that can be adjusted using the number of images you that you insert.To have more feel of the modern era.

Najah Magic Section

An off-grid widget that allows you to show and Elemantor section off-grid by clicking on a trigger.

Najah Map​

Works as a map navigation to pin point where the building is located.

Najah Messenger Chat

It provide a platform for your customer/client to communicate with you directly.

Najah Modal Box

The content of description is inside the title box where you can put additional info.

Najah Multi-Scroll

The text/description will align in a vertical line that you will have scroll down to see the next text/description.

Najah Person

Act as profile widget  for your employees. Easily to design with images, name, job title, description and any social media.

Najah Preview Window

Consist of 2 image, first image act as a trigger image for the second image to appear.

Najah Pricing Table

Pricing table that you can use to offer your best product/service with the same price and depends on your item to offer.

Najah Progress Bar

To show the progress or achievement you have made during a certain period of time that was given.

Najah Social Counter

It will show your social followers, likes and share in the website.

Najah Table

The text/description and the column can be adjusted to your liking.

Najah Tabs

Include clickable tabs that show different description when click on it.

Najah Testimonial

Uses a direct quote from your employees/workers or yourself to be use on the website.

Najah Title

Is a premium widget that provides the ability to change the style, title and add on an icon.

Najah Unfold

A text/message/description that have been unfold into a clickable button that will show more of it.

Najah Vertical Scroll

A vertical scroll that allow you to put additional info in a single vertical line.

Najah Video Box

A video box that uses Youtube/Vimeo that is link through and ID/embed URL.

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